June 27th, 2007 by myrta

I really don’t like SUV (sport utility vehicle). I think they are cumbersome and useless, occupy too much parking space and consume too much fuel. Among SUV, I particularly dislike Porsche Cayenne. Here, aesthetic reasons add up to what I already said — I find it ugly. So I was really delighted when I read this passage from Glass soup by Jonathan Carrol perfectly phrasing my thoughts on this monster:

A brand-new Porsche Cayenne, no less. One of those four-wheel-drive, eighty-thousand-dollar Jeep-y testosterone-turbos that rich men drive to show the world they’re larky, adventurous, but don’t forget I’m rich too. A “Weekend rambo” vehicle.

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June 16th, 2007 by myrta

In a couple of days I devoured Glasshouse, a Science Fiction book by Charles Stross.The reason I like SF is that it is all about imagining possible scenarios for the far future and imagining how human behavior, habits, values would change as a consequence. The reason I like Charles Stross’ books (and Glasshouse in particular) is that they present very interesting and consistent far future scenarios and characters and describe them brilliantly, providing a lot of juicy details (and details matter!). So, if you like SF, my advice is definitively read this book.

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