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    This web site contains mainly information about my research experience, interests, and publications. Besides you can find something about real life...
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    I am a researcher in theoretical condensed matter physics. My primary research interest is the development and improvement of electronic structure methods.
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    Raw Spirit, Iain Banks "After doing extensive research, I can definitely tell you that single malt whiskies are good to drink."
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    May 31st, 2007 by myrta

    It is already (more than) one year that myrta.eu is up and running. For this occasion, the site got a new look, while the content stays -for the moment- unchanged. Not without regrets I removed the glorious but useless “click your star” portal. Now you access directly the home page that coincides with what is supposed to be my blog (I suppressed as well the old, not really successful blog). The header should change with the seasons, or for particular events. See if I find the time for it. At the moment, in the header you have the picture of field of flowers in the Salento (Italy), that I visited last year with my mother.

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