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    I am a researcher in theoretical condensed matter physics. My primary research interest is the development and improvement of electronic structure methods.
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    Raw Spirit, Iain Banks "After doing extensive research, I can definitely tell you that single malt whiskies are good to drink."
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  • spammed away

    August 22nd, 2007 by myrta

    This is the third day I have to moderate a bunch of spam comments. Together with the “usual xxx” spam I am also receiving 8-10 spam comments per day with links to car rentals and to offers for expensive cars (well this is what they pretend to be, of course I did not check). This has started when for some reason the Google search engine put my weblog at the top of the search list of “rich men drive” (I realized that when looking at the Google search hits of August in my webstats). In fact, this is a part of the citation from Glass soup in this old post. This result is for sure quite bizarre when looking at my web site, definitively rich men driving expensive cars are not its target.

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